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Palliative care is more than just care provided at the end of life. It gives people the chance to live as well as possible, for as long as possible. With 1 in 3 Australians having had a family member receive palliative care, many stories emerge that can inspire and inform our community. Your Stories is where we share ideas, events and experiences about palliative care.

Karen’s story (Being on Country when the time is right)

Karen is the manager at Mala’la Aged and Community care in Maningrida, a remote Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. In this short film, Karen discusses how she provides the Elders in her care opportunities to stay connected to their culture so that they can continue to live the life they please.

Julie’s story (Husband in a handbag)

When Julie’s husband Alan was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, he opted for palliative care rather than treatment. In this short film, Julie reflects on her husband’s life prior to his cancer diagnosis, how palliative care supported him to live well until the very end, and the unexpected place he’s been laid to rest.

Leah’s story (The lasting power of music therapy)

After living with breast cancer for many years, Leah’s mother transitioned to palliative care to minimise her pain and ensure quality of life. Leah’s mother worked with a music therapist to assist with the management of her symptoms, which Leah reflects on in this short film.

More stories can be found on the Palliative Care main website. (Please note: These stories have not been translated into other languages.)

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